Simple form elements

When working with forms, please upgrade to this new form layout. See the depreciated forms pages for the previous layout.

These forms are marked by the class rcform. See html for details on formatting.

Some other notes: The customized checkboxes and radio buttons use the label for styling. This has been disabled for lower versions of IE using the :not() selector. Select2 dropdowns need to be redone, but this may be in a later iteration.


Multiple Dropdowns in a list:
Dropdown with checkbox:
\ Checkbox for something Note: There is a very specific selector which centers the checkbox on the dropdown; it requires that the script NOT be between the two.
Radio Buttons:
Radio Button One Radio Button Two Radio Button Three
Checkboxes with help text:
Checkbox One Checkbox Two Checkbox Three Help text can be put wherever needed. Inside of .fields, it is confined to the width of the input sections.
Checkboxes as a list:
  • Checkbox One
  • Checkbox Two
  • Checkbox Three
In some instances, you may wish for dropdowns, checkboxes, or radio buttons to be in a list rather than inline. This is achieved using .formlist.
Text Input:
Some Inputs with a button:
${_('Remove all elements')}

${_('Add all elements')}