Usernames are always centered on an avatar to the left. Avatars are 16px square. For user settings/login, some exceptions may use a larger avatar. Use base.gravatar for a gravatar only, and base.gravatar_with_user for a gravatar with a username. Use the format below:

gravatar Lolek
${base.gravatar_with_user(, 16)}
gravatar Lolek
${base.gravatar_with_user(, 30)}

Note: Actual template variables may be different.

Icon List

<% import os import string with open(os.path.abspath('./rhodecode/public/css/rcicons.less')) as f: source = start = source.find('// -- ICON CLASSES -- //') end = source.find('// -- END ICON CLASSES -- //') source = source[start:end] ico_data = [] for line in source.splitlines(): line = line.split(':before') line = map(string.strip, line) if len(line) in [2, 3]: if len(line) == 2: ico_cls, ico_code = line else: ico_cls, ico_code, rest = line ico_code = ico_code[:ico_code.find('/*')] ico_data.append([ico_cls, ico_code]) %> % for ico_cls, ico_code in ico_data: % endfor
${ico_cls} ${ico_code}