Simple tables

These styles will be adjusted later to provide a baseline style for all tables without classes added, whether part of the application or not. Currently, some of the application-specific styles are applied to this table.

This is a baseline style for all tables, whether part of the application or not. It has no class applied for styling. Use the "rctable" class as outlined before for tables which are part of the RhodeCode application.

Header A Header B Header C Header D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C Content of col D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C Content of col D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C Content of col D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C Content of col D

RC application table with examples

This is a standard table which applies the rhodecode-specific styling to be used throughout the application; it has <table class="rctable">.
By default, table data is not truncated, and wraps inside of the <td> ;. To prevent wrapping and contain data on one line, use the < class="truncate-wrap"> on the <td>, and span class="truncate" around the specific data to be truncated.

Ellipsis is added via CSS. Please always add a row of headers using <th > to the top of a table.

## TODO: johbo: in case we have more tables with examples, we should ## create a generic class here.
Header A Header B Header C Header D
Example of col A Example of col B Example of col C Example of col D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C which is very long and will not be truncated because sometimes people just want to write really, really long commit messages which explain what they did in excruciating detail and you really, really want to read them. Content of col D
Content of col A Content of col B Content of col C Truncated content of column D truncate truncate truncatetruncate truncate truncate

RC application table data classes

The following tables contain documentation of all existing table data classes. Please update when new classes are made.

Class Description Example
td-user Any username/gravatar combination (see also Icons style). gravatar ostrobel (Oliver Strobel)
td-hash Any hash; a commit, revision, etc. Use <pre> and header 'Commit'
td-rss RSS feed link icon
td-componentname Any group, file, gist, or directory name. rhodecode-dev-restyle-fork
td-tags Any cell containing tags, including branches and bookmarks. default
tags-truncate Used to truncate a cell containing tags; avoid if possible.
td-ip Any ip address.
td-type A state or an auth type. rhodecode
td-authtoken For auth tokens. Use truncate classes for hover expand; see html.
td-action Buttons which perform an action.
td-radio Radio buttons for a form. Centers element.
td-checkbox Checkbox for a form. Centers element.
td-buttons Buttons. feed access
td-compare Radio buttons to compare commits.
td-comments Comments indicator icon. 0
td-status Status indicator icon.
quick_repo_menu Hidden menu generated by dataTable.
td-description Any description. They may be rather long, and using the expand_commit outlined below is recommended. Ultrices mattis! Enim pellentesque lacus, sit magna natoque risus turpis ut, auctor ultrices facilisis dapibus odio? Parturient! Porta egestas nascetur, quis, elementum dolor, in magna ac dis sit etiam turpis, scelerisque! Integer tristique aliquam.
expand_commit Expands a long message; see html+js.
tests: Test echo method on the server object This only works for Pyro4 so far, have to extend it still for HTTP to work.

The following classes currently do not have unique styles applied.

td-regex Regex patterns (?:#)(?P\d+)
td-url Any URL.
td-journalaction Action listed in a journal started following repository supervisor-fork-4
td-iprange Any ip address.
td-exp Expiration time. never
td-prefix Prefixes outlined in settings. ubuntu-92539
td-cachekey Cache key value. ubuntu-92539supervisor
td-email Any email address.
td-active Shows active state with icon-true/icon-false.
td-size File, repo, or directory size. 89 MB
td-number Any numerical data. 42
td-message Any commit message. Often treated with the truncate class used for descriptions as well. Updated the files

Permissions table

This is a special-case table; it has table class="rctable permissions" where "rctable" applies the rhodecode styling as above, and "permissions" adds an extra layer of customization specific to permissions tables. Other special-case tables may exist or be created if necessary.

none read write admin user/user group
dev (super admin) (owner)
private repository default - only people explicitly added here will have access
dev revoke