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docs: updates to contributor documentation #4039

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.. _test-unit-and-functional:
Unit and Functional Tests
py.test based test suite
The test suite is in the folder :file:`rhodecode/tests/` and should be run with
the test runner `py.test` inside of your `nix-shell` environment::
# In case you need the cythonized version
CYTHONIZE=1 python setup.py develop --prefix=$tmp_path
py.test rhodecode
py.test integration
The integration with the test runner is based on the following three parts:
- `pytest_pylons` is a py.test plugin which does the integration with the
docs: updates to contributor documentation #4039
r271 Pylons web framework. It sets up the Pylons environment based on the given ini
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r1 file.
Tests which depend on the Pylons environment to be set up must request the
fixture `pylonsapp`.
- :file:`rhodecode/tests/plugin.py` contains the integration of py.test with
RhodeCode Enterprise itself.
- :file:`conftest.py` plugins are used to provide a special integration for
certain groups of tests based on the directory location.
VCS backend selection
The py.test integration provides a parameter `--backends`. It will skip all
tests which are marked for other backends.
To run only Subversion tests::
py.test rhodecode --backends=svn
Frontend / Styling support
All relevant style components have an example inside of the "Style" section
within the application. Enable the setting `debug_style` to make this section
visible in your local instance of the application.