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docs: updated references for rhodecode extensions
docs: updated references for rhodecode extensions

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docs: update LDAP documentation according to user feedback.
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|RCM| supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or
AD (active Directory) authentication.
All LDAP versions are supported, with the following |RCM| plugins managing each:
* For LDAP or Active Directory use ``LDAP (egg:rhodecode-enterprise-ce#ldap)``
RhodeCode reads all data defined from plugin and creates corresponding
accounts on local database after receiving data from LDAP. This is done on
every user log-in including operations like pushing/pulling/checkout.
.. important::
The email used with your |RCE| super-admin account needs to match the email
address attached to your admin profile in LDAP. This is because
within |RCE| the user email needs to be unique, and multiple users
cannot share an email account.
Likewise, if as an admin you also have a user account, the email address
attached to the user account needs to be different.
LDAP Configuration Steps
To configure |LDAP|, use the following steps:
1. From the |RCM| interface, select
:menuselection:`Admin --> Authentication`
2. Enable the ldap plugin and select :guilabel:`Save`
3. Select the :guilabel:`Enabled` check box in the plugin configuration section
4. Add the required LDAP information and :guilabel:`Save`, for more details,
see :ref:`config-ldap-examples`
For a more detailed description of LDAP objects, see :ref:`ldap-gloss-ref`:
.. _config-ldap-examples:
Example LDAP configuration
.. code-block:: bash
# Auth Cache TTL, Defines the caching for authentication to offload LDAP server.
# This means that cache result will be saved for 3600 before contacting LDAP server to verify the user access
# Host, comma seperated format is optionally possible to specify more than 1 server
# Default LDAP Port, use 689 for LDAPS
# Account, used for SimpleBind if LDAP server requires an authentication
e.g admin@server.com
# Password used for simple bind
# LDAP connection security
# Certificate checks level
# Base DN
cn=Rufus Magillacuddy,ou=users,dc=rhodecode,dc=com
# LDAP search filter to narrow the results
# LDAP search scope
# Login attribute
# First Name Attribute to read
# Last Name Attribute to read
# Email Attribute to read email address from
Below is example setup that can be used with Active Directory/LDAP server.
.. image:: ../images/ldap-example.png
:alt: LDAP/AD setup example
:scale: 50 %
.. toctree::