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Active Directory

|RCE| can use Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication. This is done through an LDAP or LDAPS connection to Active Directory. Use the following example LDAP configuration setting to set your Active Directory authentication:

*option*: `enabled` => `True`
# Enable or disable this authentication plugin.

*option*: `cache_ttl` => `360`
# Amount of seconds to cache the authentication and permissions check response call for this plugin.
# Useful for expensive calls like LDAP to improve the performance of the system (0 means disabled).

*option*: `host` => `,`
# Host[s] of the LDAP Server
# (e.g.,, or ldap-server.domain.com.
#  Multiple servers can be specified using commas

*option*: `port` => `389`
# Custom port that the LDAP server is listening on. Default value is: 389, use 689 for LDAPS(SSL)

*option*: `timeout` => `300`
# Timeout for LDAP connection

*option*: `dn_user` => `Administrator@rhodecode.com`
# Optional user DN/account to connect to LDAP if authentication is required.
# e.g., cn=admin,dc=mydomain,dc=com, or uid=root,cn=users,dc=mydomain,dc=com, or admin@mydomain.com

*option*: `dn_pass` => `SomeSecret`
# Password to authenticate for given user DN.

*option*: `tls_kind` => `PLAIN`
# TLS Type

*option*: `tls_reqcert` => `NEVER`
# Require Cert over TLS?. Self-signed and custom certificates can be used when
#  `RhodeCode Certificate` found in admin > settings > system info page is extended.

*option*: `tls_cert_file` => ``
# This specifies the PEM-format file path containing certificates for use in TLS connection.
# If not specified `TLS Cert dir` will be used

*option*: `tls_cert_dir` => `/etc/openldap/cacerts`
# This specifies the path of a directory that contains individual CA certificates in separate files.

*option*: `base_dn` => `OU=SBSUsers,OU=Users,OU=MyBusiness,DC=v3sys,DC=local`
# Base DN to search. Dynamic bind is supported. Add `$login` marker in it to be replaced with current user credentials
# (e.g., dc=mydomain,dc=com, or ou=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=com)

*option*: `filter` => `(objectClass=person)`
# Filter to narrow results
# (e.g., (&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)), or
# (memberof=cn=rc-login,ou=groups,ou=company,dc=mydomain,dc=com)))

*option*: `search_scope` => `SUBTREE`
# How deep to search LDAP. If unsure set to SUBTREE

*option*: `attr_login` => `sAMAccountName`
# LDAP Attribute to map to user name (e.g., uid, or sAMAccountName)

*option*: `attr_email` => `userEmail`
# LDAP Attribute to map to email address (e.g., mail).
# Emails are a crucial part of RhodeCode.
# If possible add a valid email attribute to ldap users.

*option*: `attr_firstname` => `user_firstname`
# LDAP Attribute to map to first name (e.g., givenName)

*option*: `attr_lastname` => `user_surname`
# LDAP Attribute to map to last name (e.g., sn)