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docs: updated references for rhodecode extensions
docs: updated references for rhodecode extensions

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Issue Tracker Integration

You can set an issue tracker connection in two ways with |RCE|.

  • At the instance level, you can set a default issue tracker.
  • At the |repo| level, you can configure an integration with a different issue tracker.

To integrate |RCM| with an issue tracker, you need to define a regular expression that will fetch the issue ID stored in commit messages, and replace it with a URL. This enables |RCE| to generate a link matching each issue to the target |repo|.

Default Issue Tracker Configuration

To integrate your issue tracker, use the following steps:

  1. Open :menuselection:`Admin --> Settings --> Issue Tracker`.

  2. In the new entry field, enter the following information:

  3. Select Add so save the rule to your issue tracker configuration.

Repository Issue Tracker Configuration

You can configure specific |repos| to use a different issue tracker than the default one. See the instructions in :ref:`repo-it`

Jira Integration

  • Regex = (?:^#|\s#)(\w+-\d+)
  • URL = https://myissueserver.com/browse/${id}
  • Issue Prefix = #

Confluence (Wiki)

  • Regex = (?:conf-)([A-Z0-9]+)
  • URL = https://example.atlassian.net/display/wiki/${id}/${repo_name}
  • issue prefix = CONF-

Redmine Integration

  • Regex = (issue-+\d+)
  • URL = https://myissueserver.com/redmine/issue/${id}
  • Issue Prefix = issue-

Redmine (wiki)

  • Regex = (?:wiki-)([a-zA-Z0-9]+)
  • URL = https://example.com/redmine/projects/wiki/${repo_name}
  • Issue prefix = Issue-

Pivotal Tracker

  • Regex = (?:pivot-)(?<project_id>\d+)-(?<story>\d+)
  • URL = https://www.pivotaltracker.com/s/projects/${project_id}/stories/${story}
  • Issue prefix = Piv-


  • Regex = (?:trello-)(?<card_id>[a-zA-Z0-9]+)
  • URL = https://trello.com/example.com/${card_id}
  • Issue prefix = Trello-