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Anonymous Users

By default, |RCE| provides |repo| access for registered users only. It can be configured to be world-open in terms of read and write permissions. This configuration is called "Anonymous Access" and allows |RCE| to be used as a public hub where unregistered users have access to your |repos|.

Anonymous access is useful for open source projects, universities, or if running inside a restricted internal corporate network to serve documents to all employees. Anonymous users get the default user permission settings that are applied across the whole |RCE| system.

To enable anonymous access to your |repos|, use the following steps:

  1. From the |RCE| interface, select :menuselection:`Admin --> Permissions`.
  2. On the Application tab, check the :guilabel:`Allow anonymous access` box.
  3. Select :guilabel:`Save`.
  4. To set the anonymous user access permissions, which are based on the default user settings, see :ref:`permissions-default-ref`.