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Reviewing Diffs

Diffs are representations of changes made between different changesets of a file. |RCE| provides 4 different types of diffs for each commit or changeset, and depending on your preference you can use whichever for code review purposes.

  • Plain diff
  • Full diff
  • Side-by-side diff
  • Raw diff

Reviewing Changes

|RCE| displays all code changes made with each commit. Removed content is marked in red and new content in green.

Plain Diff

Side-By-Side Diffs

To review code with a side-by-side diff, use the following steps:

  1. Open the repository in which you wish to review a file
  2. Select the revision you wish to review
  3. Select the side-by-side diff icon beside the file name
Side by side diff

Notifying Users

To notify other users of you comments, or requests for feedback, see :ref:`review-notifications-ref`