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|RCE| is a high-performance source code management and collaboration system. It enables you to develop projects securely behind the firewall while providing collaboration tools that work with |git|, |hg|, and |svn| |repos|. The user interface allows you to create, edit, and commit files and |repos| while managing their security permissions.

|RCE| provides the following features:

  • Source code management.
  • Extended permissions management.
  • Integrated code collaboration tools.
  • Integrated code review and notifications.
  • Scalability provided by multi-node setup.
  • Fully programmable automation API.
  • Web-based hook management.
  • Native |svn| support.
  • Migration from existing databases.
  • |RCE| SDK.
  • Built-in analytics
  • Built in integrations including: Slack, Webhooks (used for Jenkins/TeamCity and other CIs), Jira, Redmine, Hipchat
  • Pluggable authentication system.
  • Support for AD, |LDAP|, Crowd, CAS, PAM.
  • Support for external authentication via Oauth Google, Github, Bitbucket, Twitter.
  • Debug modes of operation.
  • Private and public gists.
  • Gists with limited lifetimes and within instance only sharing.
  • Fully integrated code search function.
  • Always on SSL connectivity.