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Merge pull request #13214 from Kojoley/ipexec-pycharm-qol-fix ipexec: prevent output coloring under PyCharm

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Min RK
shim nbconvert
r20906 """
Shim to maintain backwards compatibility with old IPython.nbconvert imports.
# Copyright (c) IPython Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
import sys
from warnings import warn
Min RK
add ShimWarning for shimmed imports...
r21515 from IPython.utils.shimmodule import ShimModule, ShimWarning
Min RK
shim nbconvert
Matthias Bussonnier
Update shim warnings to include IPython version....
r23398 warn("The `IPython.nbconvert` package has been deprecated since IPython 4.0. "
Alexandre Avanian
Fixes #8743 (warning string)...
r21610 "You should import from nbconvert instead.", ShimWarning)
Min RK
shim nbconvert
# Unconditionally insert the shim into sys.modules so that further import calls
# trigger the custom attribute access above
Min RK
add import hook for shim packages...
r20990 sys.modules['IPython.nbconvert'] = ShimModule(
Min RK
jupyter_nbconvert is now nbconvert...
r21339 src='IPython.nbconvert', mirror='nbconvert')