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1 2006-05-18 Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez@colorado.edu>
3 * IPython: remove all 2.2-compatibility objects and hacks from
4 everywhere, since we only support 2.3 at this point. Docs
5 updated.
7 * IPython/ipapi.py (IPApi.__init__): Clean up of all getters.
8 Anything requiring extra validation can be turned into a Python
9 property in the future. I used a property for the db one b/c
10 there was a nasty circularity problem with the initialization
11 order, which rigth now I don't have time to clean up.
13 * IPython/Shell.py (MTInteractiveShell.runcode): Fix, I think,
14 another locking bug reported by Jorgen. I'm not 100% sure though,
15 so more testing is needed...
17 2006-05-17 Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez@colorado.edu>
19 * IPython/ipapi.py (IPApi.to_user_ns): New function to inject
20 local variables from any routine in user code (typically executed
21 with %run) directly into the interactive namespace. Very useful
22 when doing complex debugging.
23 (IPythonNotRunning): Changed the default None object to a dummy
24 whose attributes can be queried as well as called without
25 exploding, to ease writing code which works transparently both in
26 and out of ipython and uses some of this API.
1 2006-05-16 Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez@colorado.edu>
28 2006-05-16 Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez@colorado.edu>
3 * IPython/hooks.py (result_display): Fix the fact that our display
30 * IPython/hooks.py (result_display): Fix the fact that our display
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