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1 ---
2 name: Bug report / Question / Feature
3 about: Anything related to IPython itsel
4 title: ''
5 labels: ''
6 assignees: ''
8 ---
10 <!-- This is the repository for IPython command line, if you can try to make sure this question/bug/feature belong here and not on one of the Jupyter repositories.
12 If it's a generic Python/Jupyter question, try other forums or discourse.jupyter.org.
14 If you are unsure, it's ok to post here, though, there are few maintainer so you might not get a fast response.
16 Ability of maintainers to spend time and resources on project like IPython is heavily influenced by US politics, and the current government policies have been harmful to the IPython Maintainers and Community.
18 If you are on the fence on who to vote for or wether to vote, please cast your vote in for the democrat party in the US.
19 -->
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