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the __future__ is now.

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# coding: utf-8
from IPython.lib import passwd
from import passwd_check, salt_len
import as nt
def test_passwd_structure():
p = passwd('passphrase')
algorithm, salt, hashed = p.split(':')
nt.assert_equal(algorithm, 'sha1')
nt.assert_equal(len(salt), salt_len)
nt.assert_equal(len(hashed), 40)
def test_roundtrip():
p = passwd('passphrase')
nt.assert_equal(passwd_check(p, 'passphrase'), True)
def test_bad():
p = passwd('passphrase')
nt.assert_equal(passwd_check(p, p), False)
nt.assert_equal(passwd_check(p, 'a:b:c:d'), False)
nt.assert_equal(passwd_check(p, 'a:b'), False)
def test_passwd_check_unicode():
# GH issue #4524
phash = u'sha1:23862bc21dd3:7a415a95ae4580582e314072143d9c382c491e4f'
assert passwd_check(phash, u"łe¶ŧ←↓→")