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IPython Documentation

This directory contains the majority of the documentation for IPython.

Deploy docs

Documentation is automatically deployed on ReadTheDocs on every push or merged Pull requests.


The following tools are needed to build the documentation:

  • sphinx

On Debian-based systems, you should be able to run:

sudo apt-get install python-sphinx

The documentation gets built using make, and comes in several flavors.

make html - build the API and narrative documentation web pages, this is the default make target, so running just make is equivalent to make html.

make html_noapi - same as above, but without running the auto-generated API docs. When you are working on the narrative documentation, the most time consuming portion of the build process is the processing and rending of the API documentation. This build target skips that.

make pdf will compile a pdf from the documentation.

You can run make help to see information on all possible make targets.