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the __future__ is now.
the __future__ is now.

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/ docs / autogen_shortcuts.py
from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
from IPython.terminal.interactiveshell import KeyBindingManager
def name(c):
s = c.__class__.__name__
if s == '_Invert':
return '(Not: %s)' % name(c.filter)
if s in log_filters.keys():
return '(%s: %s)' % (log_filters[s], ', '.join(name(x) for x in c.filters))
return log_filters[s] if s in log_filters.keys() else s
def sentencize(s):
"""Extract first sentence
s = s.replace('\n', ' ').strip().split('.')
s = s[0] if len(s) else s
return " ".join(s.split())
except AttributeError:
return s
def most_common(lst, n=3):
"""Most common elements occurring more then `n` times
from collections import Counter
c = Counter(lst)
return [k for (k, v) in c.items() if k and v > n]
def multi_filter_str(flt):
"""Yield readable conditional filter
assert hasattr(flt, 'filters'), 'Conditional filter required'
yield name(flt)
log_filters = dict(_AndList='And', _OrList='Or')
log_invert = {'_Invert'}
kbm = KeyBindingManager.for_prompt()
ipy_bindings = kbm.registry.key_bindings
dummy_docs = [] # ignore bindings without proper documentation
common_docs = most_common([kb.handler.__doc__ for kb in ipy_bindings])
if common_docs:
dummy_docs = list(set(dummy_docs))
single_filter = dict()
multi_filter = dict()
for kb in ipy_bindings:
doc = kb.handler.__doc__
if not doc or doc in dummy_docs:
shortcut = ' '.join([k if isinstance(k, str) else k.name for k in kb.keys])
shortcut += shortcut.endswith('\\') and '\\' or ''
if hasattr(kb.filter, 'filters'):
flt = ' '.join(multi_filter_str(kb.filter))
multi_filter[(shortcut, flt)] = sentencize(doc)
single_filter[(shortcut, name(kb.filter))] = sentencize(doc)
if __name__ == '__main__':
sort_key = lambda k:(str(k[0][1]),str(k[0][0]))
here = abspath(dirname(__file__))
dest = join(here, 'source', 'config', 'shortcuts')
with open(join(dest, 'single_filtered.csv'), 'w') as csv:
for k, v in sorted(single_filter.items(), key=sort_key):
csv.write(':kbd:`{}`\t{}\t{}\n'.format(k[0], k[1], v))
with open(join(dest, 'multi_filtered.csv'), 'w') as csv:
for k, v in sorted(multi_filter.items(), key=sort_key):
csv.write(':kbd:`{}`\t{}\t{}\n'.format(k[0], k[1], v))