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"""sys.excepthook for IPython itself, leaves a detailed report on disk.
* Fernando Perez
* Brian E. Granger
# Copyright (C) 2001-2007 Fernando Perez. <fperez@colorado.edu>
# Copyright (C) 2008-2011 The IPython Development Team
# Distributed under the terms of the BSD License. The full license is in
# the file COPYING, distributed as part of this software.
# Imports
import os
import sys
import traceback
from pprint import pformat
from pathlib import Path
from IPython.core import ultratb
from IPython.core.release import author_email
from IPython.utils.sysinfo import sys_info
from IPython.utils.py3compat import input
from IPython.core.release import __version__ as version
# Code
# Template for the user message.
_default_message_template = """\
Oops, {app_name} crashed. We do our best to make it stable, but...
A crash report was automatically generated with the following information:
- A verbatim copy of the crash traceback.
- A copy of your input history during this session.
- Data on your current {app_name} configuration.
It was left in the file named:
If you can email this file to the developers, the information in it will help
them in understanding and correcting the problem.
You can mail it to: {contact_name} at {contact_email}
with the subject '{app_name} Crash Report'.
If you want to do it now, the following command will work (under Unix):
mail -s '{app_name} Crash Report' {contact_email} < {crash_report_fname}
In your email, please also include information about:
- The operating system under which the crash happened: Linux, macOS, Windows,
other, and which exact version (for example: Ubuntu 16.04.3, macOS 10.13.2,
Windows 10 Pro), and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit;
- How {app_name} was installed: using pip or conda, from GitHub, as part of
a Docker container, or other, providing more detail if possible;
- How to reproduce the crash: what exact sequence of instructions can one
input to get the same crash? Ideally, find a minimal yet complete sequence
of instructions that yields the crash.
To ensure accurate tracking of this issue, please file a report about it at:
_lite_message_template = """
If you suspect this is an IPython {version} bug, please report it at:
or send an email to the mailing list at {email}
You can print a more detailed traceback right now with "%tb", or use "%debug"
to interactively debug it.
Extra-detailed tracebacks for bug-reporting purposes can be enabled via:
class CrashHandler(object):
"""Customizable crash handlers for IPython applications.
Instances of this class provide a :meth:`__call__` method which can be
used as a ``sys.excepthook``. The :meth:`__call__` signature is::
def __call__(self, etype, evalue, etb)
message_template = _default_message_template
section_sep = '\n\n'+'*'*75+'\n\n'
def __init__(self, app, contact_name=None, contact_email=None,
bug_tracker=None, show_crash_traceback=True, call_pdb=False):
"""Create a new crash handler
app : Application
A running :class:`Application` instance, which will be queried at
crash time for internal information.
contact_name : str
A string with the name of the person to contact.
contact_email : str
A string with the email address of the contact.
bug_tracker : str
A string with the URL for your project's bug tracker.
show_crash_traceback : bool
If false, don't print the crash traceback on stderr, only generate
the on-disk report
Non-argument instance attributes
These instances contain some non-argument attributes which allow for
further customization of the crash handler's behavior. Please see the
source for further details.
self.crash_report_fname = "Crash_report_%s.txt" % app.name
self.app = app
self.call_pdb = call_pdb
#self.call_pdb = True # dbg
self.show_crash_traceback = show_crash_traceback
self.info = dict(app_name = app.name,
contact_name = contact_name,
contact_email = contact_email,
bug_tracker = bug_tracker,
crash_report_fname = self.crash_report_fname)
def __call__(self, etype, evalue, etb):
"""Handle an exception, call for compatible with sys.excepthook"""
# do not allow the crash handler to be called twice without reinstalling it
# this prevents unlikely errors in the crash handling from entering an
# infinite loop.
sys.excepthook = sys.__excepthook__
# Report tracebacks shouldn't use color in general (safer for users)
color_scheme = 'NoColor'
# Use this ONLY for developer debugging (keep commented out for release)
#color_scheme = 'Linux' # dbg
rptdir = self.app.ipython_dir
rptdir = Path.cwd()
if rptdir is None or not Path.is_dir(rptdir):
rptdir = Path.cwd()
report_name = rptdir / self.crash_report_fname
# write the report filename into the instance dict so it can get
# properly expanded out in the user message template
self.crash_report_fname = report_name
self.info['crash_report_fname'] = report_name
TBhandler = ultratb.VerboseTB(
if self.call_pdb:
traceback = TBhandler.text(etype,evalue,etb,context=31)
# print traceback to screen
if self.show_crash_traceback:
print(traceback, file=sys.stderr)
# and generate a complete report on disk
report = open(report_name,'w')
print('Could not create crash report on disk.', file=sys.stderr)
with report:
# Inform user on stderr of what happened
print('\n'+'*'*70+'\n', file=sys.stderr)
print(self.message_template.format(**self.info), file=sys.stderr)
# Construct report on disk
input("Hit <Enter> to quit (your terminal may close):")
def make_report(self,traceback):
"""Return a string containing a crash report."""
sec_sep = self.section_sep
report = ['*'*75+'\n\n'+'IPython post-mortem report\n\n']
rpt_add = report.append
config = pformat(self.app.config)
rpt_add('Application name: %s\n\n' % self.app_name)
rpt_add('Current user configuration structure:\n\n')
rpt_add(sec_sep+'Crash traceback:\n\n' + traceback)
return ''.join(report)
def crash_handler_lite(etype, evalue, tb):
"""a light excepthook, adding a small message to the usual traceback"""
traceback.print_exception(etype, evalue, tb)
from IPython.core.interactiveshell import InteractiveShell
if InteractiveShell.initialized():
# we are in a Shell environment, give %magic example
config = "%config "
# we are not in a shell, show generic config
config = "c."
print(_lite_message_template.format(email=author_email, config=config, version=version), file=sys.stderr)