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Merge pull request #13213 from Kojoley/fix-bunch-of-doctests Fix bunch of doctests
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Documenting What's New

When making a new pull request that either adds a new feature, or makes a backwards-incompatible change to IPython, please add a new .rst file in this directory documenting this change as a part of your Pull Request.

This will allow multiple Pull Requests to do the same without conflicting with one another. Periodically, IPython developers with commit rights will run a script and populate development.rst with the contents of this directory, and clean it up.

Files which describe new features can have any name, such as antigravity-feature.rst, whereas backwards incompatible changes must have have a filename starting with incompat-, such as incompat-switching-to-perl.rst. Our "What's new" files always have two sections, and this prefix scheme will make sure that the backwards incompatible changes get routed to their proper section.

To merge these files into :file:whatsnew/development.rst, run the script :file:tools/update_whatsnew.py.