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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Utility to look for hard tabs and \r characters in all sources.
It prints summaries and if chosen, line-by-line info of where \\t or \\r
characters can be found in our source tree.
# Config
# If true, all lines that have tabs are printed, with line number
full_report_tabs = True
# If true, all lines that have tabs are printed, with line number
full_report_rets = False
# Code begins
from IPython.external.path import path
rets = []
tabs = []
for f in path('..').walkfiles('*.py'):
errs = ''
cont = f.bytes()
if '\t' in cont:
if '\r' in cont:
if errs:
print("%3s" % errs, f)
if 't' in errs and full_report_tabs:
for ln,line in enumerate(f.lines()):
if '\t' in line:
print('TAB:',ln,':',line, end=' ')
if 'r' in errs and full_report_rets:
for ln,line in enumerate(open(f.abspath(),'rb')):
if '\r' in line:
print('RET:',ln,':',line, end=' ')
# Summary at the end, to call cleanup tools if necessary
if tabs:
print('Hard tabs found. These can be cleaned with untabify:')
for f in tabs: print(f, end=' ')
if rets:
print('Carriage returns (\\r) found in:')
for f in rets: print(f, end=' ')