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"""Various utilities common to IPython release and maintenance tools.
# Library imports
import os
import sys
# Useful shorthands
pjoin = os.path.join
cd = os.chdir
# Constants
# SSH root address of the archive site
archive_user = 'ipython@archive.ipython.org'
archive_dir = 'archive.ipython.org'
archive = '%s:%s' % (archive_user, archive_dir)
# Build commands
# Source dists
sdists = './setup.py sdist --formats=gztar'
# Binary dists
def buildwheels():
sh('{python} setupegg.py bdist_wheel'.format(python=sys.executable))
# Utility functions
def sh(cmd):
"""Run system command in shell, raise SystemExit if it returns an error."""
print("$", cmd)
stat = os.system(cmd)
#stat = 0 # Uncomment this and comment previous to run in debug mode
if stat:
raise SystemExit("Command %s failed with code: %s" % (cmd, stat))
def get_ipdir():
"""Get IPython directory from command line, or assume it's the one above."""
# Initialize arguments and check location
ipdir = pjoin(os.path.dirname(__file__), os.pardir)
ipdir = os.path.abspath(ipdir)
if not os.path.isdir('IPython') and os.path.isfile('setup.py'):
raise SystemExit('Invalid ipython directory: %s' % ipdir)
return ipdir
def execfile(fname, globs, locs=None):
locs = locs or globs
exec(compile(open(fname).read(), fname, "exec"), globs, locs)