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inc revnum in Release.py, strip M from revnum
inc revnum in Release.py, strip M from revnum

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Release data for the IPython project.
$Id: Release.py 1953 2006-11-29 08:01:37Z vivainio $"""
# Copyright (C) 2001-2006 Fernando Perez <fperez@colorado.edu>
# Copyright (c) 2001 Janko Hauser <jhauser@zscout.de> and Nathaniel Gray
# <n8gray@caltech.edu>
# Distributed under the terms of the BSD License. The full license is in
# the file COPYING, distributed as part of this software.
# Name of the package for release purposes. This is the name which labels
# the tarballs and RPMs made by distutils, so it's best to lowercase it.
name = 'ipython'
# For versions with substrings (like 0.6.16.svn), use an extra . to separate
# the new substring. We have to avoid using either dashes or underscores,
# because bdist_rpm does not accept dashes (an RPM) convention, and
# bdist_deb does not accept underscores (a Debian convention).
revision = '1952M'
#version = '0.7.3.svn'
version = '0.7.3.svn.r' + revision.rstrip('M')
description = "An enhanced interactive Python shell."
long_description = \
IPython provides a replacement for the interactive Python interpreter with
extra functionality.
Main features:
* Comprehensive object introspection.
* Input history, persistent across sessions.
* Caching of output results during a session with automatically generated
* Readline based name completion.
* Extensible system of 'magic' commands for controlling the environment and
performing many tasks related either to IPython or the operating system.
* Configuration system with easy switching between different setups (simpler
than changing $PYTHONSTARTUP environment variables every time).
* Session logging and reloading.
* Extensible syntax processing for special purpose situations.
* Access to the system shell with user-extensible alias system.
* Easily embeddable in other Python programs.
* Integrated access to the pdb debugger and the Python profiler.
The latest development version is always available at the IPython subversion
.. _repository: http://ipython.scipy.org/svn/ipython/ipython/trunk#egg=ipython-dev
license = 'BSD'
authors = {'Fernando' : ('Fernando Perez','fperez@colorado.edu'),
'Janko' : ('Janko Hauser','jhauser@zscout.de'),
'Nathan' : ('Nathaniel Gray','n8gray@caltech.edu'),
'Ville' : ('Ville Vainio','vivainio@gmail.com')
url = 'http://ipython.scipy.org'
download_url = 'http://ipython.scipy.org/dist'
platforms = ['Linux','Mac OSX','Windows XP/2000/NT','Windows 95/98/ME']
keywords = ['Interactive','Interpreter','Shell']