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"""Implementation of configuration-related magic functions.
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import absolute_import
# Copyright (c) 2012 The IPython Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.
# Imports
# Stdlib
import re
# Our own packages
from IPython.core.error import UsageError
from IPython.core.magic import Magics, magics_class, line_magic
from logging import error
# Magic implementation classes
reg = re.compile('^\w+\.\w+$')
class ConfigMagics(Magics):
def __init__(self, shell):
super(ConfigMagics, self).__init__(shell)
self.configurables = []
def config(self, s):
"""configure IPython
%config Class[.trait=value]
This magic exposes most of the IPython config system. Any
Configurable class should be able to be configured with the simple
%config Class.trait=value
Where `value` will be resolved in the user's namespace, if it is an
expression or variable name.
To see what classes are available for config, pass no arguments::
In [1]: %config
Available objects for config:
To view what is configurable on a given class, just pass the class
In [2]: %config IPCompleter
IPCompleter options
Current: 2
Choices: (0, 1, 2)
Instruct the completer to omit private method names
Specifically, when completing on ``object.<tab>``.
When 2 [default]: all names that start with '_' will be excluded.
When 1: all 'magic' names (``__foo__``) will be excluded.
When 0: nothing will be excluded.
Current: True
Whether to merge completion results into a single list
If False, only the completion results from the first non-empty
completer will be returned.
Current: False
Instruct the completer to use __all__ for the completion
Specifically, when completing on ``object.<tab>``.
When True: only those names in obj.__all__ will be included.
When False [default]: the __all__ attribute is ignored
Current: False
Activate greedy completion
This will enable completion on elements of lists, results of
function calls, etc., but can be unsafe because the code is
actually evaluated on TAB.
but the real use is in setting values::
In [3]: %config IPCompleter.greedy = True
and these values are read from the user_ns if they are variables::
In [4]: feeling_greedy=False
In [5]: %config IPCompleter.greedy = feeling_greedy
from traitlets.config.loader import Config
# some IPython objects are Configurable, but do not yet have
# any configurable traits. Exclude them from the effects of
# this magic, as their presence is just noise:
configurables = [ c for c in
if c.__class__.class_traits(config=True) ]
classnames = [ c.__class__.__name__ for c in configurables ]
line = s.strip()
if not line:
# print available configurable names
print("Available objects for config:")
for name in classnames:
print(" ", name)
elif line in classnames:
# `%config TerminalInteractiveShell` will print trait info for
# TerminalInteractiveShell
c = configurables[classnames.index(line)]
cls = c.__class__
help = cls.class_get_help(c)
# strip leading '--' from cl-args:
help = re.sub(re.compile(r'^--', re.MULTILINE), '', help)
elif reg.match(line):
cls, attr = line.split('.')
return getattr(configurables[classnames.index(cls)],attr)
elif '=' not in line:
msg = "Invalid config statement: %r, "\
"should be `Class.trait = value`."
ll = line.lower()
for classname in classnames:
if ll == classname.lower():
msg = msg + '\nDid you mean %s (note the case)?' % classname
raise UsageError( msg % line)
# otherwise, assume we are setting configurables.
# leave quotes on args when splitting, because we want
# unquoted args to eval in user_ns
cfg = Config()
exec("cfg."+line, locals(),
for configurable in configurables:
except Exception as e: