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check if readline is available before calling readline functions in ipy_defaults.py
check if readline is available before calling readline functions in ipy_defaults.py

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Notes for Windows Users
These are just minimal notes. The manual contains more detailed
IPython runs under (as far as the Windows family is concerned):
- Windows XP, 2000 (and probably WinNT): works well. It needs:
* PyWin32, the win32 Python extensions from
* Gary Bishop's readline from
* This in turn requires Tomas Heller's ctypes from
- Windows 95/98/ME: I have no idea. It should work, but I can't test.
- CygWin environments should work, they are basically Posix.
It needs Python 2.3 or newer.
Double-click the supplied .exe installer file. If all goes well, that's all
you need to do. You should now have an IPython entry in your Start Menu.
Installation from source distribution
In case the automatic installer does not work for some reason, you can
download the ipython-XXX.tar.gz file, which contains the full IPython source
distribution (the popular WinZip can read .tar.gz files).
After uncompressing the archive, you can install it at a command terminal just
like any other Python module, by using python setup.py install'. After this
completes, you can run the supplied win32_manual_post_install.py script which
will add the relevant shortcuts to your startup menu.
Optionally, you may skip installation altogether and just launch "ipython.py"
from the root folder of the extracted source distribution.