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check if readline is available before calling readline functions in ipy_defaults.py
check if readline is available before calling readline functions in ipy_defaults.py

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Setup script for IPython.
Under Posix environments it works like a typical setup.py script.
Under Windows, the command sdist is not supported, since IPython
requires utilities, which are not available under Windows."""
# Copyright (C) 2001-2005 Fernando Perez <fperez@colorado.edu>
# Distributed under the terms of the BSD License. The full license is in
# the file COPYING, distributed as part of this software.
import sys, os
from glob import glob
from setupext import install_data_ext
isfile = os.path.isfile
# BEFORE importing distutils, remove MANIFEST. distutils doesn't properly
# update it when the contents of directories change.
if os.path.exists('MANIFEST'): os.remove('MANIFEST')
if os.name == 'posix':
os_name = 'posix'
elif os.name in ['nt','dos']:
os_name = 'windows'
print 'Unsupported operating system:',os.name
# Under Windows, 'sdist' is not supported, since it requires lyxport (and
# hence lyx,perl,latex,pdflatex,latex2html,sh,...)
if os_name == 'windows' and 'sdist' in sys.argv:
print 'The sdist command is not available under Windows. Exiting.'
from distutils.core import setup
# update the manuals when building a source dist
if len(sys.argv) >= 2 and sys.argv[1] in ('sdist','bdist_rpm'):
from IPython.genutils import target_update
# list of things to be updated. Each entry is a triplet of args for
# target_update()
to_update = [('doc/magic.tex',
"cd doc && ./update_magic.sh" ),
"cd doc && ./update_version.sh" ),
"cd doc && "
"lyxport -tt --leave --pdf "
"--html -o '-noinfo -split +1 -local_icons' manual.lyx"),
"cd doc && lyxport -tt --pdf new_design.lyx"),
"cd doc && gzip -9c ipython.1 > ipython.1.gz"),
"cd doc && gzip -9c pycolor.1 > pycolor.1.gz"),
for target in to_update:
# Release.py contains version, authors, license, url, keywords, etc.
# A little utility we'll need below, since glob() does NOT allow you to do
# exclusion on multiple endings!
def file_doesnt_endwith(test,endings):
"""Return true if test is a file and its name does NOT end with any
of the strings listed in endings."""
if not isfile(test):
return False
for e in endings:
if test.endswith(e):
return False
return True
# I can't find how to make distutils create a nested dir. structure, so
# in the meantime do it manually. Butt ugly.
# Note that http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~noel/distutils.html, ex. 2/3, contain
# information on how to do this more cleanly once python 2.4 can be assumed.
# Thanks to Noel for the tip.
docdirbase = 'share/doc/ipython-%s' % version
manpagebase = 'share/man/man1'
# We only need to exclude from this things NOT already excluded in the
# MANIFEST.in file.
exclude = ('.sh','.1.gz')
docfiles = filter(lambda f:file_doesnt_endwith(f,exclude),glob('doc/*'))
examfiles = filter(isfile, glob('doc/examples/*.py'))
manfiles = filter(isfile, glob('doc/manual/*.html')) + \
filter(isfile, glob('doc/manual/*.css')) + \
filter(isfile, glob('doc/manual/*.png'))
manpages = filter(isfile, glob('doc/*.1.gz'))
cfgfiles = filter(isfile, glob('IPython/UserConfig/*'))
scriptfiles = filter(isfile, ['scripts/ipython','scripts/pycolor',
# Script to be run by the windows binary installer after the default setup
# routine, to add shortcuts and similar windows-only things. Windows
# post-install scripts MUST reside in the scripts/ dir, otherwise distutils
# doesn't find them.
if 'bdist_wininst' in sys.argv:
if len(sys.argv) > 2 and ('sdist' in sys.argv or 'bdist_rpm' in sys.argv):
print >> sys.stderr,"ERROR: bdist_wininst must be run alone. Exiting."
datafiles = [('data', docdirbase, docfiles),
('data', os.path.join(docdirbase, 'examples'),
('data', os.path.join(docdirbase, 'manual'),
('data', manpagebase, manpages),
('lib', 'IPython/UserConfig', cfgfiles)]
if 'setuptools' in sys.modules:
# setuptools config for egg building
egg_extra_kwds = {
'entry_points': {
'console_scripts': [
'ipython = IPython.ipapi:launch_new_instance',
'pycolor = IPython.PyColorize:main'
scriptfiles = []
# eggs will lack docs, examples XXX not anymore
#datafiles = [('lib', 'IPython/UserConfig', cfgfiles)]
egg_extra_kwds = {}
# Call the setup() routine which does most of the work
setup(name = name,
version = version,
description = description,
long_description = long_description,
author = authors['Fernando'][0],
author_email = authors['Fernando'][1],
url = url,
download_url = download_url,
license = license,
platforms = platforms,
keywords = keywords,
packages = ['IPython', 'IPython.Extensions', 'IPython.external'],
scripts = scriptfiles,
cmdclass = {'install_data': install_data_ext},
data_files = datafiles,
# extra params needed for eggs