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Massive amount of work to improve the test suite, restores doctests....
Massive amount of work to improve the test suite, restores doctests. After Brian's comments, I realized that our test machinery was NOT in reality running all the ipython-syntax doctests we have. This is now fixed. The test suite isn't completely passing, but this commit is for the underlying machinery. I will now work on fixing as many broken tests as I can. Fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ipython/+bug/505071

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"""Tests for various magic functions.
Needs to be run by nose (to make ipython session available).
from __future__ import absolute_import
# Imports
# stdlib
import os
import sys
import tempfile
import types
from cStringIO import StringIO
# third-party
import nose.tools as nt
# our own
from IPython.utils import genutils
from IPython.utils.platutils import find_cmd, get_long_path_name
from IPython.testing import decorators as dec
from IPython.testing import tools as tt
# Test functions begin
def test_rehashx():
# clear up everything
_ip = get_ipython()
del _ip.db['syscmdlist']
# Practically ALL ipython development systems will have more than 10 aliases
yield (nt.assert_true, len(_ip.alias_manager.alias_table) > 10)
for key, val in _ip.alias_manager.alias_table.items():
# we must strip dots from alias names
nt.assert_true('.' not in key)
# rehashx must fill up syscmdlist
scoms = _ip.db['syscmdlist']
yield (nt.assert_true, len(scoms) > 10)
def doctest_hist_f():
"""Test %hist -f with temporary filename.
In [9]: import tempfile
In [10]: tfile = tempfile.mktemp('.py','tmp-ipython-')
In [11]: %hist -n -f $tfile 3
def doctest_hist_r():
"""Test %hist -r
XXX - This test is not recording the output correctly. Not sure why...
In [20]: 'hist' in _ip.lsmagic()
Out[20]: True
In [6]: x=1
In [7]: %hist -n -r 2
x=1 # random
hist -n -r 2 # random
def test_shist():
# Simple tests of ShadowHist class - test generator.
import os, shutil, tempfile
from IPython.utils import pickleshare
from IPython.core.history import ShadowHist
tfile = tempfile.mktemp('','tmp-ipython-')
db = pickleshare.PickleShareDB(tfile)
s = ShadowHist(db)
yield nt.assert_equals,s.all(),[(1, 'hello'), (2, 'world'), (3, 'karhu')]
yield nt.assert_equal,s.get(2),'world'
# XXX failing for now, until we get clearcmd out of quarantine. But we should
# fix this and revert the skip to happen only if numpy is not around.
def test_numpy_clear_array_undec():
from IPython.extensions import clearcmd
_ip.ex('import numpy as np')
_ip.ex('a = np.empty(2)')
yield (nt.assert_true, 'a' in _ip.user_ns)
_ip.magic('clear array')
yield (nt.assert_false, 'a' in _ip.user_ns)
# Multiple tests for clipboard pasting
def test_paste():
_ip = get_ipython()
def paste(txt, flags='-q'):
"""Paste input text, by default in quiet mode"""
hooks.clipboard_get = lambda : txt
_ip.magic('paste '+flags)
# Inject fake clipboard hook but save original so we can restore it later
hooks = _ip.hooks
user_ns = _ip.user_ns
original_clip = hooks.clipboard_get
# This try/except with an emtpy except clause is here only because
# try/yield/finally is invalid syntax in Python 2.4. This will be
# removed when we drop 2.4-compatibility, and the emtpy except below
# will be changed to a finally.
# Run tests with fake clipboard function
user_ns.pop('x', None)
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['x'], 1)
user_ns.pop('x', None)
paste('>>> x=2')
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['x'], 2)
>>> x = [1,2,3]
>>> y = []
>>> for i in x:
... y.append(i**2)
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['x'], [1,2,3])
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['y'], [1,4,9])
# Now, test that paste -r works
user_ns.pop('x', None)
yield nt.assert_false('x' in user_ns)
_ip.magic('paste -r')
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['x'], [1,2,3])
# Also test paste echoing, by temporarily faking the writer
w = StringIO()
writer = _ip.write
_ip.write = w.write
code = """
a = 100
b = 200"""
out = w.getvalue()
_ip.write = writer
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['a'], 100)
yield nt.assert_equal(user_ns['b'], 200)
yield nt.assert_equal(out, code+"\n## -- End pasted text --\n")
# This should be in a finally clause, instead of the bare except above.
# Restore original hook
hooks.clipboard_get = original_clip
def test_time():
_ip.magic('time None')
def doctest_time():
In [10]: %time None
CPU times: user 0.00 s, sys: 0.00 s, total: 0.00 s
Wall time: 0.00 s