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Massive amount of work to improve the test suite, restores doctests....
Massive amount of work to improve the test suite, restores doctests. After Brian's comments, I realized that our test machinery was NOT in reality running all the ipython-syntax doctests we have. This is now fixed. The test suite isn't completely passing, but this commit is for the underlying machinery. I will now work on fixing as many broken tests as I can. Fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ipython/+bug/505071
Fernando Perez -
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Current version information

Please open manual.pdf for a PDF version of IPython's user manual, or go to
the manual/ directory for an HTML version.

Bugs and future developments

The new_design.pdf document is a description of the goals for IPython's future
development. It includes a TODO/bugs section listing all currently known bugs
in IPython. Please report any bug you encounter if it is not already listed