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remove another py2 only test
remove another py2 only test

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"""Find files and directories which IPython uses.
import os.path
import shutil
import tempfile
from warnings import warn
import IPython
from IPython.utils.importstring import import_item
from IPython.utils.path import (
get_home_dir, get_xdg_dir, get_xdg_cache_dir, compress_user, _writable_dir,
ensure_dir_exists, fs_encoding, filefind
from IPython.utils import py3compat
def get_ipython_dir():
"""Get the IPython directory for this platform and user.
This uses the logic in `get_home_dir` to find the home directory
and then adds .ipython to the end of the path.
env = os.environ
pjoin = os.path.join
ipdir_def = '.ipython'
home_dir = get_home_dir()
xdg_dir = get_xdg_dir()
# import pdb; pdb.set_trace() # dbg
if 'IPYTHON_DIR' in env:
warn('The environment variable IPYTHON_DIR is deprecated. '
'Please use IPYTHONDIR instead.')
ipdir = env.get('IPYTHONDIR', env.get('IPYTHON_DIR', None))
if ipdir is None:
# not set explicitly, use ~/.ipython
ipdir = pjoin(home_dir, ipdir_def)
if xdg_dir:
# Several IPython versions (up to 1.x) defaulted to .config/ipython
# on Linux. We have decided to go back to using .ipython everywhere
xdg_ipdir = pjoin(xdg_dir, 'ipython')
if _writable_dir(xdg_ipdir):
cu = compress_user
if os.path.exists(ipdir):
warn(('Ignoring {0} in favour of {1}. Remove {0} to '
'get rid of this message').format(cu(xdg_ipdir), cu(ipdir)))
elif os.path.islink(xdg_ipdir):
warn(('{0} is deprecated. Move link to {1} to '
'get rid of this message').format(cu(xdg_ipdir), cu(ipdir)))
warn('Moving {0} to {1}'.format(cu(xdg_ipdir), cu(ipdir)))
shutil.move(xdg_ipdir, ipdir)
ipdir = os.path.normpath(os.path.expanduser(ipdir))
if os.path.exists(ipdir) and not _writable_dir(ipdir):
# ipdir exists, but is not writable
warn("IPython dir '{0}' is not a writable location,"
" using a temp directory.".format(ipdir))
ipdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
elif not os.path.exists(ipdir):
parent = os.path.dirname(ipdir)
if not _writable_dir(parent):
# ipdir does not exist and parent isn't writable
warn("IPython parent '{0}' is not a writable location,"
" using a temp directory.".format(parent))
ipdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
return py3compat.cast_unicode(ipdir, fs_encoding)
def get_ipython_cache_dir():
"""Get the cache directory it is created if it does not exist."""
xdgdir = get_xdg_cache_dir()
if xdgdir is None:
return get_ipython_dir()
ipdir = os.path.join(xdgdir, "ipython")
if not os.path.exists(ipdir) and _writable_dir(xdgdir):
elif not _writable_dir(xdgdir):
return get_ipython_dir()
return py3compat.cast_unicode(ipdir, fs_encoding)
def get_ipython_package_dir():
"""Get the base directory where IPython itself is installed."""
ipdir = os.path.dirname(IPython.__file__)
return py3compat.cast_unicode(ipdir, fs_encoding)
def get_ipython_module_path(module_str):
"""Find the path to an IPython module in this version of IPython.
This will always find the version of the module that is in this importable
IPython package. This will always return the path to the ``.py``
version of the module.
if module_str == 'IPython':
return os.path.join(get_ipython_package_dir(), '__init__.py')
mod = import_item(module_str)
the_path = mod.__file__.replace('.pyc', '.py')
the_path = the_path.replace('.pyo', '.py')
return py3compat.cast_unicode(the_path, fs_encoding)
def locate_profile(profile='default'):
"""Find the path to the folder associated with a given profile.
I.e. find $IPYTHONDIR/profile_whatever.
from IPython.core.profiledir import ProfileDir, ProfileDirError
pd = ProfileDir.find_profile_dir_by_name(get_ipython_dir(), profile)
except ProfileDirError:
# IOError makes more sense when people are expecting a path
raise IOError("Couldn't find profile %r" % profile)
return pd.location