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remove another py2 only test

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# encoding: utf-8
"""A fancy version of Python's builtin :func:`dir` function.
# Copyright (c) IPython Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
import inspect
from .py3compat import string_types
def safe_hasattr(obj, attr):
"""In recent versions of Python, hasattr() only catches AttributeError.
This catches all errors.
getattr(obj, attr)
return True
return False
def dir2(obj):
"""dir2(obj) -> list of strings
Extended version of the Python builtin dir(), which does a few extra
This version is guaranteed to return only a list of true strings, whereas
dir() returns anything that objects inject into themselves, even if they
are later not really valid for attribute access (many extension libraries
have such bugs).
# Start building the attribute list via dir(), and then complete it
# with a few extra special-purpose calls.
words = set(dir(obj))
except Exception:
# TypeError: dir(obj) does not return a list
words = set()
# filter out non-string attributes which may be stuffed by dir() calls
# and poor coding in third-party modules
words = [w for w in words if isinstance(w, string_types)]
return sorted(words)
def get_real_method(obj, name):
"""Like getattr, but with a few extra sanity checks:
- If obj is a class, ignore its methods
- Check if obj is a proxy that claims to have all attributes
- Catch attribute access failing with any exception
- Check that the attribute is a callable object
Returns the method or None.
if inspect.isclass(obj):
return None
canary = getattr(obj, '_ipython_canary_method_should_not_exist_', None)
except Exception:
return None
if canary is not None:
# It claimed to have an attribute it should never have
return None
m = getattr(obj, name, None)
except Exception:
return None
if callable(m):
return m
return None