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remove another py2 only test
remove another py2 only test

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"""Wrapper around linecache which decodes files to unicode according to PEP 263.
This is only needed for Python 2 - linecache in Python 3 does the same thing
import functools
import linecache
import sys
from IPython.utils import py3compat
from IPython.utils import openpy
if py3compat.PY3:
getline = linecache.getline
# getlines has to be looked up at runtime, because doctests monkeypatch it.
def getlines(filename, module_globals=None):
return linecache.getlines(filename, module_globals=module_globals)
def getlines(filename, module_globals=None):
"""Get the lines (as unicode) for a file from the cache.
Update the cache if it doesn't contain an entry for this file already."""
filename = py3compat.cast_bytes(filename, sys.getfilesystemencoding())
lines = linecache.getlines(filename, module_globals=module_globals)
# The bits we cache ourselves can be unicode.
if (not lines) or isinstance(lines[0], py3compat.unicode_type):
return lines
readline = openpy._list_readline(lines)
encoding, _ = openpy.detect_encoding(readline)
except SyntaxError:
encoding = 'ascii'
return [l.decode(encoding, 'replace') for l in lines]
# This is a straight copy of linecache.getline
def getline(filename, lineno, module_globals=None):
lines = getlines(filename, module_globals)
if 1 <= lineno <= len(lines):
return lines[lineno-1]
return ''