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import importlib
import os
aliases = {
'qt4': 'qt',
'gtk2': 'gtk',
backends = [
'qt', 'qt4', 'qt5',
'gtk', 'gtk2', 'gtk3',
'pyglet', 'glut',
registered = {}
def register(name, inputhook):
"""Register the function *inputhook* as an event loop integration."""
registered[name] = inputhook
class UnknownBackend(KeyError):
def __init__(self, name):
self.name = name
def __str__(self):
return ("No event loop integration for {!r}. "
"Supported event loops are: {}").format(self.name,
', '.join(backends + sorted(registered)))
def get_inputhook_name_and_func(gui):
if gui in registered:
return gui, registered[gui]
if gui not in backends:
raise UnknownBackend(gui)
if gui in aliases:
return get_inputhook_name_and_func(aliases[gui])
gui_mod = gui
if gui == 'qt5':
os.environ['QT_API'] = 'pyqt5'
gui_mod = 'qt'
mod = importlib.import_module('IPython.terminal.pt_inputhooks.'+gui_mod)
return gui, mod.inputhook