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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A simple interactive demo to illustrate the use of IPython's Demo class.
Any python script can be run as a demo, but that does little more than showing
it on-screen, syntax-highlighted in one shot. If you add a little simple
markup, you can stop at specified intervals and return to the ipython prompt,
resuming execution later.
This is a unicode test, åäö
print('Hello, welcome to an interactive IPython demo.')
print('Executing this block should require confirmation before proceeding,')
print('unless auto_all has been set to true in the demo object')
# The mark below defines a block boundary, which is a point where IPython will
# stop execution and return to the interactive prompt.
# <demo> --- stop ---
x = 1
y = 2
# <demo> --- stop ---
# the mark below makes this block as silent
# <demo> silent
print('This is a silent block, which gets executed but not printed.')
# <demo> --- stop ---
# <demo> auto
print('This is an automatic block.')
print('It is executed without asking for confirmation, but printed.')
z = x+y
# <demo> --- stop ---
# This is just another normal block.
print('z is now:', z)