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Added new little utility for wrapping svn commits with email notifications,...
Added new little utility for wrapping svn commits with email notifications, til we have trac/svn hooks in place.

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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Simple svn commit wrapper which emails a given list of people.
ipsvnc [args]
This is equivalent to doing
svn commit [args]
If the commit operation is successful (the script asks for confirmation), a
hardwired list of maintainers is informed of the commit.
This is a poor-man's substitute for a proper svn post-commit hook with an
ipython-svn email list, which we're waiting to get soon. It should be removed
once that facility is in place.
This only works on a unix box which can send mail by itself."""
import os
import commands
import sys
import time
# Package maintainers to be alerted
maintainers = ['fperez@colorado.edu', 'rkern@ucsd.edu', 'antont@an.org',
#maintainers = ['fperez@colorado.edu'] # dbg
# Assemble command line back, before passing it to svn
svnargs = []
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
if ' ' in arg:
svnargs.append('"%s"' % arg)
svnargs = ' '.join(svnargs)
#print 'SVN args: <%s>' % svnargs; sys.exit() # dbg
# perform commit
os.system('svn commit %s' % svnargs)
svntime = time.asctime()
svnstatus = commands.getoutput('svn log -r COMMITTED')
# Confirm with user (trying to get the status from the svn commit blocks
# silently, I don't care to debug it)
ans = raw_input('If commit was succesful, proceed with email notification? [Y/n]')
if ans.lower().startswith('n'):
print "Exiting now..."
print "OK. Emailing maintainers..."
# Send emails
subject = "[IPython SVN] New commit performed by %s" % os.getlogin()
body = """\
Commit performed at: %s
SVN arguments used: %s
Current SVN status after last commit:
%s""" % (svntime,svnargs,svnstatus)
for maint in maintainers:
print "Emailing",maint
os.system('echo "%s" | mail -s "%s" %s' % (body, subject,maint))