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Generate the Nix expressions

Details can be found in the repository of RhodeCode Enterprise CE inside of the file docs/contributing/dependencies.rst.

Start the environment as follows:

nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix

Python dependencies

pip2nix generate --licenses
# or
nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix --command "pip2nix generate --licenses"

NodeJS dependencies

# switch to pkgs dir
pushd pkgs
node2nix --input ../package.json \
         -o node-packages.nix \
         -e node-env.nix \
         -c node-default.nix \
         -d --flatten --nodejs-6

Bower dependencies

bower2nix bower.json pkgs/bower-packages.nix
# or
nix-shell pkgs/shell-generate.nix --command "bower2nix bower.json pkgs/bower-packages.nix"